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From our trip to Kenya & Uganda
Explore the real Africa on this 10-day adventure in Kenya and Uganda. Begin your journey in the capital city of Uganda, Kampala where you will experience a real cultural show with dinner and overnight at the cultural center. Next, head north to Murchison National Park. This vast protected wilderness is home to open savannahs where giraffe, zebra, lions and other animals roam and lush rainforests; home to the area's famous residents. chimpanzees. Enjoy a game drive through the park and visit the famous Murchison Falls. Plus, hike trails through the forest to track chimpanzees. Next, head south to Jinja, a rural community nestled on the shores of Lake Victoria near the source of the Nile River. Spend a day visiting a local school, playing with the children, and perhaps teaching a subject or two or participating in a debate. Finally, head east to Masaai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya where you will spend three days on safari during The Great Migration. Bump along dirt tracks seeking out the Big Five: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffalo as well as animals like giraffe and zebra, and perhaps see the wildebeest cross the river where crocodiles lurk and lions await. Join Nathan and Seamus on a trek through Uganda
10 days July 18 From $3,690 / Person
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From our trip to Israel, Jordan & Egypt 2019
Immerse in the history and culture of Israel, Jordan and Egypt on this family tour of the Middle East. Visit some of the world's holiest places including the Western Wall, the actual Stations of the Cross, and the Dome of the Rock and discover why Jerusalem is such a revered city for so many. Participate in an active archeological dig. Float in the Dead Sea. Peruse colorful and wild markets. Gallop on horseback or stroll through soaring, narrow canyons to visit the temple made famous by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at Petra in Jordan. Visit a local Bedouin tribe. Then it's off to Egypt where ancient mummies and the Great Pyramids of Giza await. Take a morning ride on camelback to visit the pyramids, and even climb inside one of them to discover the royal tomb.
11 days July 10 From $2,990 / Person
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From our trip to Morocco
Immerse in the culture of North Africa in the colorful markets of Marrakech and the traditional tented camps of the Sahara on this 10-day journey through Morocco. Join Nate and Shea on a camel ride through the Sahara
10 days June 30 From $2,490 / Person
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From our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia
Vietnam Family Tours. In this TWK Family Adventure explore the Mekong River, Halong Bay, and Angkor Wat, immerse in the culture of Vietnam and Cambodia in colorful markets and activities like cooking classes, & learn wartime history with visits to iconic sites in Hanoi and Ho Chi Ming (Saigon). Check out the small ship cruise through Vietnam's famous Ha Long Bay UNESCO World Heritage Site
12 days July 20 From $2,649 / Person
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From our trip to Ireland
Ireland with Kids. TWK Ireland Family Adventure: Immerse in Irish culture and history through hands-on activities like scavenger hunts, learning to play Gaelic games and Irish dance, and explore nature through activities like horseback riding. Dance a Jig at a Traditional Irish Music Session
10 days July 13 From $2,999 / Person
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From our trip to Fiji
Stay on deserted island paradise and then take a small ship cruise to remote islands of Fiji. Family Adventure Cruise Overview
11 days Join Us From $1,599 / Person
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From our trip to Thailand
On this TWK Family Adventure, explore the lush jungles of Thailand and get nose to trunk with elephants, discover Thai culture in an encounter with Buddhist monks, explore below the waves on a remote island paradise and more! Visit Amazing Thailand with TWK Tours - Trip Overview
12 days July 12 From $2,699 / Person
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From our trip to Costa Rica
Costa Rica’s motto is “Pura Vida”, or Pure Life, and the main tourism draw is their natural surrounds. The country’s enormous effort in conservation has paid off with tourists coming from all over the world to explore this natural paradise. And in an effort to accommodate the tourists Costa Rica has created all sorts of exciting ways to immerse in nature. See one of our favorite beach resorts
9 days June 05 From $1,990 / Person
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From our trip to South Africa
In this TWK South Africa Family Adventure, start your journey in world-famous Victoria Falls where you may spot hippos and crocodiles, then head to South Africa for amazing wildlife encounters on safari in Kruger and then south to Cape Town. See what a trip to South Africa is all about
10 days July 08 From $3,490 / Person
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From our trip to South Africa
Immerse in history in the famous township of Soweto, one-time home of Nelson Mandela, before heading north to discover South Africa’s wildlife on a four-night safari in Madikwe Game Reserve, and then onto world-famous Victoria Falls! See what a trip to South Africa is all about
9 days July 01 From $3,090 / Person
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