Travel With Kids the TV show brings viewers to many destinations – now part of our travel and tours experience including South Africa, Thailand, Fiji, Ireland, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam and more.
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Travel With Kids TV is currently in production of its 7th Season, airing on PBS nationally in the USA and has appeared in over 30 countries internationally on global network channels.
Also Available on DVD from Amazon and your public library.
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WEKWDT310/30/20118:00 PMET1057Boston
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WEKWDT310/31/20111:00 PMET1057Boston
WEKWDT311/6/201111:00 AMET1027Boston
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WEKWDT311/7/20111:00 PMET1067Boston
WEKWDT311/13/201111:00 AMET1037Boston
WEKWDT311/13/20118:00 PMET1077Boston
WEKWDT311/14/201112:00 AMET7Boston
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WENHDT311/7/20111:00 PMET1067Boston
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WENHDT311/14/201112:00 AMET7Boston
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WENHDT311/21/20111:00 PMET7Boston
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WDSCDT11/13/20118:00 AMET10719Orlando
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WBCCDT210/26/20119:30 PMET19Orlando
WBCCDT211/2/20119:30 PMET10319Orlando
WBCCDT211/3/20115:30 AMET10319Orlando
KVIEDT211/6/20119:30 AMPT10120Sacramento
KOPBDT210/28/201112:00 PMPT22Portland
KOPBDT211/4/201112:00 PMPT22Portland
KTVRDT210/28/201112:00 PMPT22Portland
KTVRDT211/4/201112:00 PMPT22Portland
WIPBDT10/30/20112:00 PMET10526Indianapolis
WIPBDT11/6/20112:00 PMET10626Indianapolis
WIPBDT11/13/20112:00 PMET10726Indianapolis
WCTEDT11/12/20118:30 AMCT10129Nashville
KCPTDT211/3/20119:30 AMCT10131Kansas City
KCPTDT211/10/20119:30 AMCT31Kansas City
KCPTDT211/17/20119:30 AMCT31Kansas City
KUENDT10/30/20116:00 PMMT10633Salt Lake City
KUENDT11/6/20116:00 PMMT10733Salt Lake City
KUENDT11/13/20116:00 PMMT10833Salt Lake City
KUENDT11/20/20116:00 PMMT33Salt Lake City
WBIQDT211/5/20113:30 PMCT39Birmingham
WCIQDT211/5/20113:30 PMCT39Birmingham
KRSCDT10/28/20115:30 PMCT10459Tulsa
KRSCDT11/4/20115:30 PMCT10559Tulsa
WEIQDT211/5/20113:30 PMCT60Mobile-Pensacola
WGTEDT210/29/20116:30 PMET10974Toledo
WGTEDT210/30/20116:30 PMET11074Toledo
WGTEDT211/5/20116:30 PMET10474Toledo
WGTEDT211/6/20116:30 PMET10574Toledo
WGTEDT211/12/20116:30 PMET10574Toledo
WGTEDT211/13/20116:30 PMET10674Toledo
WGTEDT211/19/20116:30 PMET10674Toledo
WGTEDT211/20/20116:30 PMET74Toledo
WFIQDT211/5/20113:30 PMCT80Huntsville-Decatur
WHIQDT211/5/20113:30 PMCT80Huntsville-Decatur
WEIUDT11/4/20117:30 PMCT82Champaign, IL
WSECDT10/30/20112:00 PMCT82Champaign, IL
WSECDT11/6/20112:00 PMCT82Champaign, IL
WSECDT11/13/20112:00 PMCT82Champaign, IL
WCNYDT10/29/20116:30 AMET84Syracuse
WCNYDT11/5/20116:30 AMET84Syracuse
WCNYDT11/12/20116:30 AMET84Syracuse
WCNYDT11/19/20116:30 AMET84Syracuse
KMBHDT10/30/20112:00 PMCT87Harlingen-Weslaco
KMBHDT11/6/20112:00 PMCT87Harlingen-Weslaco
KMBHDT11/13/20112:00 PMCT87Harlingen-Weslaco
KMBHDT11/20/20112:00 PMCT87Harlingen-Weslaco
WLEDDT310/30/20118:00 PMET10595Burlington
WLEDDT310/31/201112:00 AMET10595Burlington
WLEDDT310/31/20111:00 PMET10595Burlington
WLEDDT311/6/201111:00 AMET10295Burlington
WLEDDT311/6/20118:00 PMET10695Burlington
WLEDDT311/7/201112:00 AMET10695Burlington
WLEDDT311/7/20111:00 PMET10695Burlington
WLEDDT311/13/201111:00 AMET10395Burlington
WLEDDT311/13/20118:00 PMET10795Burlington
WLEDDT311/14/201112:00 AMET95Burlington
WLEDDT311/14/20111:00 PMET95Burlington
WLEDDT311/20/20118:00 PMET10895Burlington
WLEDDT311/21/201112:00 AMET10895Burlington
WLEDDT311/21/20111:00 PMET95Burlington
WNINL10/30/201112:00 PMCT104Evansville
WNINL11/6/201112:00 PMCT104Evansville
WNINL11/13/201112:00 PMCT104Evansville
WNINL11/20/201112:00 PMCT104Evansville
WKARDT210/30/20116:00 PMET105115Lansing
WKARDT211/6/20116:00 PMET115Lansing
WKARDT211/13/20116:00 PMET115Lansing
WKARDT211/20/20116:00 PMET115Lansing
WKARDT10/30/20116:00 PMET105115Lansing
WKARDT11/6/20116:00 PMET115Lansing
WKARDT11/13/20116:00 PMET115Lansing
WKARDT11/20/20116:00 PMET115Lansing
WKARDTCA10/30/20116:00 PMET105115Lansing
WKARDTCA11/6/20116:00 PMET115Lansing
WKARDTCA11/13/20116:00 PMET115Lansing
WKARDTCA11/20/20116:00 PMET115Lansing
WAIQDT211/5/20113:30 PMCT119Montgomery (Selma)
WDIQDT211/5/20113:30 PMCT119Montgomery (Selma)
WGIQDT211/5/20113:30 PMCT119Montgomery (Selma)
WIIQDT211/5/20113:30 PMCT119Montgomery (Selma)
KEPBDT210/28/201112:00 PMPT121Eugene
KEPBDT211/4/201112:00 PMPT121Eugene
KOACDT210/28/201112:00 PMPT121Eugene
KOACDT211/4/201112:00 PMPT121Eugene
KENWDT10/25/20113:30 PMMT103130Amarillo
KENWDT11/1/20113:30 PMMT130Amarillo
KENWDT11/8/20113:30 PMMT105130Amarillo
KENWDT11/15/20113:30 PMMT130Amarillo
KENWDT11/22/20113:30 PMMT107130Amarillo
WSKGDT210/30/201110:30 AMET105157Binghamton
WMECDT10/30/20112:00 PMCT171Quincy-Hannibal
WMECDT11/6/20112:00 PMCT171Quincy-Hannibal
WMECDT11/13/20112:00 PMCT171Quincy-Hannibal
WQECDT10/30/20112:00 PMCT171Quincy-Hannibal
WQECDT11/6/20112:00 PMCT171Quincy-Hannibal
WQECDT11/13/20112:00 PMCT171Quincy-Hannibal
WSKADT210/30/201110:30 AMET105174Elmira
KOABDT210/28/201112:00 PMPT193Bend, OR
KOABDT211/4/201112:00 PMPT193Bend, OR

Awesome! Not only did your episodes get me excited for Costa Rica, but it reassured me that having kids doesn’t stop the fun! My fiance and I have been trying to plan an adventure filled trip, and you showed everything we’ve been looking for. Thanks for helping us plan our dream vacation! Keep up the good work mom and dad!


I love yor show I have watched the venice episode recently on you tube and I was wondering what you do to entertain your children on the flights to the places you have been to.


wow! we were just sitting down to plan our summer vacation to Costa Rica and fortunately, the episode in CR came on! Now Dad and I are super excited to take the kids – 8, 10, 11 and 20 to CR!

Rachael Butler

On a whim a year and a half ago, I picked up Travel With Kids London at our local library.  My husband and I watched it, then checked out Paris, England, and several others.  Yesterday, we got home from a week in London with our 6 and 7 year old.  We visited Buckingham Castle, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, the Tower, Westminster Abbey, and spent some time on the nice days in the parks.  Their favorite places?  They couldn’t decide!  They loved it all!  I cannot thank you enough for showing us that, yes, children can appreciate travel.  I listened this morning as my 6 year old son “taught” his pretend class about British history.  He had some of the details wrong, but he was talking about British history!  At 6!  I don’t know what is up next for us yet, but I know it will be a great trip.  Thanks again for inspiring us to get out there and show our kids the world!

Melanie Dorsey

Hello! I just discovered TWK on our Roku. My boys, 4 & 2 yrs, love your program. In my attempts to keep electronics and TV at home to a minimum, I limit the programs they watch to FoodNetwork, and various PBS educational shows. My eldest really enjoys cooking now and both are very adventurous eaters. I’ve been looking for a kids traveling program to peak their interest in traveling. They already love the beach. TWK eases my parental anxiety about traveling with youngsters. Thank you

Hello!! My two five year old girls and I stumbled on your show this evening on our local PBS station….the one in Dublin. What was amazing about the timing of this is we just came back from a 17 day tour of Europe with the girls. We flew into Madrid, went to Barcelona, Genova, Nice, Cannes, Monocco, Switzerland (Interlaken and Zurich), Strasbourg, Paris, Normandy, San Sebastian, Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve region. It was an amazing trip of a lifetime. We pricelined hotels as we went as our itinerary changed as we traveled. We rented a car…70 hours, 4,000 miles. The tolls were a killer, we didn’t expect so many, but we enjoyed the freedom of stopping and seeing things along the way. Wish we would of seen your site first!!! It was for us a great bonding experience as well…we had a blast and learned so much. Looking forward to watching more of your shows….would love my local library to get the DVD’s…will tell them about it!


First time watching this show!! Wonderful!!


My name is Angel. Three years ago I lost my husband. We were going to travel to Paris together for our 30th anniversary. Since he couldn’t go with me I decided to take my 10 year old son with me. People thought that I was NUTS! WHY would you take a 10 year old, by yourself to Paris? After seeing your video with your family, I decided that is exactly what we would do. So in October we are heading to Paris first, spending 6 days there and another 6 in London. Thanks for sharing your stories. My son and I bought your Travel with Kids – London and Paris online and have watched them both several times. I hope your family continues to see the world and share your adventures with the rest of the world!
Hugs and Blessings from Illinois…….

Angel and Josh

With small kids (less than 6 yrs)…if possible, try not give them their own backpacks…this will really streamline your security experience & the kids will be more comfortable if they are not lugging a bag of toys and such…we gave our kids backpacks when they were tiny & we soon learned that for long trips (even just to Europe)…it’s just sooo much better for everyone, if mom & dad carry any bags (even if it’s just their blankie and snuggle dollie)..after 6 or 7 yrs old, backpacks are fine…I HIGHLY recommend Travel with Kids suggestion to use your strollie as a baggage cart in the airport (with your carryons)…(& make sure to bring those strollers!!…the recommendation to keep kids in stroller as long as they can fit is also important…if you have a small 6 or 7 year old…take that stroller!!) You will be glad  Kids want to get up and go, but can tire, so strollers are definitely a requirement & worth the hassle (getting through a metro or on and off buses,etc)


Hi Carrie & Jeremy, Just wondering if you know of any travel resources for families with Tweens. We’re taking a trip to Florida with our 11 year-old daughter soon. We’ve watched your video & it’s still helpful, but if there’s anything else you are aware of for that age group that you might recommend, that would be great. Thanks for letting us travel along with you!


We just discovered your program today and love it. We are leaving in October for our round the world adventure for a year. We have two toddlers (4&3). What did you do about car seats/boosters? I suspect many of our stops will have taxis that might not even have seatbelts. Right now, our plan is to leave the booster seats at home. Thanks for a great program!

Robyn B

We recently discovered your show and we love watching it with our kids. Keep up the great work!
We are planning our first overseas trip with out children (10, 8 and 5). I’m wondering if there is a series of guidebooks that you’ve found particularly helpful. We are headed to the UK.


Hi Travel for kids I love your videos. The first time I saw your video was when I saw Caribbean Cruise. I loved it I could watch it everyday.Where are you guys Going next? Love

I just wanted to add to this comment; taking your children to different places and exposing them to different cultures, all these experiences shape the way they view the world and the adults they grow into. We are all a product of our life experiences and the more children experience the wider world, the more open minded, understanding, tolerant, and knowledgeable they become, with a real awareness of the world at large. Travel truly opens the mind, and to open the minds of youngsters is a gift you are giving them that will stay with them their entire lives. Happy

When I first noticed your show on Create I was trepidatious–as a single male I thought I really could not relate to family travel. But I was very wrong. Now it is one of my favorites, and I think it was Carrie’s writing and voice that got me over the hump. Create just had a weekend featuring your shows and it was great. BUT, they seem to show the same dozen or so shows over and over again. I learned that you have many more. I really wish you would preview some here or post more to YouTube–full shows, maybe just a couple at a time; it might help with web traffic and promotions. The brief clips, the Hulu ads, and the Janson Media sales pitches don’t really do it… And I’m a little confused by the two last names. If I include an e-mail address and website will it show up here?


Hi, I just discovered your show on PBS and love it! I’ve been flying transatlantic (Ireland is home) with my 5yo since he was 8 months old. All your tips are great, we also bring plasticine to make figures / models on the tray table. I believe the earlier you start flying with kids, the more it becomes second nature to them. Now when we fly my son has his own packback with all his stuff and he’s really independant, and he knows the drill of checking in, security etc. We have a new baby now and haven’t flown with her yet but will not hesitate to do so when we travel next. So refereshing to see you travel far afield with kids. Great for all the family and opens the kids minds so much. Keep up the great work!


It has been a joy to watch some episodes of your travels! Even though my husband and I don’t have children yet, watching your show makes us excited to incorporate travel with kids in the future. My family travelled a lot when I was a kid and even though I would miss school- I ended up with an insatiable desire to learn and a more holistic world view. I would definitely take the kids out of school to learn around the world- so valuable! Plus the family time is so meaningful in a world of high divorce rates and crazy schedules. To me it is worth all the sacrifices is would take to make it happen! Happy travels and God bless!

Eva Glen

Hi! I have just caught some of your videos on PBS. They have been runnings a kind of marathon of quite a few this weekend. I have never seen these before and watch PBS all the time. A few questions, if you don’t mind. When were these filmed; how old were the kids; how old are they today; and are there more kids in the family (I thought I caught a glimpse of a younger member in a couple of shots–in a stroller)? Thanks. I love these and can’t wait to see more. And, your best advice…do it now. I wish I had done that when I was younger and more physically able!

Bonnie Cadwell

Hey guys! I love watching your show, even though I’m a teenager and don’t plan on travelling with kids any time soon ;P I think it’s great that you take your sons all over the world. I myself have been to every continent but Antarctica and think that my travels were more valuable than anything I could have learned in school. Keep travelling!


Great job with your travel show. We have a small travel agency and I wish we had done something like this when our kids were little. It becomes increasingly difficult to travel frequently the older they get.

Robert Longley

I’ve been watching your show for a couple of weeks; just discovered it. Awesome!! I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. You make it so exciting.