Things to do in Ireland With Kids

Looking for things to do in Ireland with the kids? I’ve traveled to more than 45 countries and organizing family travel tours around the world, and to say Ireland is still one of my favorite places for family travel says a lot about its amazing family-friendly place. Now, maybe it’s my Irish heritage (I come from the O’Malley clan), but I think it’s more about the imagination-inspiring history, warm welcoming people, rich Irish culture and dramatic vistas that keep bringing me back for more.

You may already know about some of the more famous stops in Ireland like St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin or the Guinness Factory, but there are so many unique and under the radar things to do in Ireland with kids you probably never thought of. Here are 7 of my family’s favorite stops in Ireland.

1) Visit Ireland Castles

Rockfleet Castle on a family vacation in County Mayo, Ireland

Want more ideas on things to do in Ireland? Here we are in the entry of Rockfleet Castle on our second family vacation to Ireland when the boys were 6 and 4 years-old.

Visiting a real-life castle in Ireland is one of the easiest ways for young kids to connect to history. It sparks their imagination of what life was like in the Middle Ages. And Ireland has plenty of castles for kids to explore, and even stay in overnight. When you visit the Blarney Castle in Ireland with kids, your family can even kiss the Blarney Stone to get the gift of gab…although if you have a “chatty Kathy” you might think twice about this one!

Want to know more? Watch the video: How to Visit the Blarney Stone and find new things to do in Ireland


You can even rent your own private castle in Ireland for the night (there are thousands of them) or stay in one of the luxury castle retreats. We loved the Dromoland Castle Hotel in Ireland and have actually stayed their many times since our first visit.


Falconry at Dromoland Castle Hotel, Ireland

More things to do in Ireland! Here’s little Cosi, whose family went with us on our family travel tour, TWK Ireland trip, flying a falcon at Dromoland Castle Hotel in Ireland.

2) Medieval Ireland

Castles are an incredible way to teach your kids more about the Middle Ages and Medieval Ireland and spark their interest in history. Before your trip, brush up on your Irish history so you can bring the experience to life for your kids. Just move right into the medieval times in Ireland with lessons in falconry, archery, horseback riding, and more.

3) Irish Music

Music lovers have plenty of options when exploring things to do in Ireland. Traditional music sessions in Ireland are an authentic and completely unbelievable experience. Locals gather at the pub (and yes, children are allowed into most pubs during the afternoon and early evening) with their instruments and play together—unrehearsed! The fiddle or accordion will start a tune, the flute will join in, and so on. Then out of nowhere, an elderly Irish man at the bar will stand up and start singing! It’s truly an unbeatable experience. Bonus points: Listening to local music is one of the many free things to do in Ireland with kids.

Want to see (and hear) a traditional Irish Music Session video?

4) Irish Animals

Here’s something totally unique if you’re looking for things to do in Ireland with kids. Did you know there are more sheep in Ireland than actual people? Your kids will love visiting and petting all the farm animals on a family vacation in Ireland. There’s really nothing else that exposes kids to this unique way of life than actually staying right there.


sheep, ireland

…and don’t forget about feeding the ducks! While there are more sheep and people in Ireland than ducks, feeding the ducks at Dromoland Castle Hotel in Ireland is a real treat for kids.

Want to feel like you’re right there? Watch this video of kids feeding the ducks at Dromoland Castle Hotel Ireland.


5) Irish dancing

Music-loving kids will toe-tap and jump out of their chairs during a traditional Irish music session.  But it doesn’t just stop there. Pubs in Ireland are full of live music and you’re sure to see the locals break into Irish dance. And you can even arrange for Irish dance lessons in Ireland for kids. Just listening to local Irish music is one of the many wonderful and free things to do with kids in Ireland.

Ever wonder what Irish music really sounds like? Watch this video of a Killarney Ireland traditional music session.

6) Vistas in Ireland

Have you see Irish vistas?? Even the kids can’t say they’re bored when faced with rolling green hills and soaring cliffs in every direction. They might even put down their devices long enough to go and explore the Irish countryside.


Green hills of Ireland in County Mayo

Green hills of Ireland in County Mayo

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Last but not least, here is one more thing to do with kids in Ireland beyond castles, ducks, dancing, and endless vistas.

7) Funny Street Signs in Ireland!

It won’t take long for your kids to start pointing out the unusual and funny street sights in Ireland. The signs are tourist draws in their own right, and delight kids with their arrows pointing to places all over Ireland—and the world!


Street sign to all parts of Ireland, Killarney, Ireland

Street sign to all parts of Ireland, Killarney, Ireland

There you have it! Those are our top 7 reasons we think Ireland is an amazing place for a family vacation.

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