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Egypt / Israel – Vietnam – Morocco – South Africa – Uganda Gorillas – Costa Rica – Thailand – Ireland – Peru – Galapagos – China – Bali

Our Story

TWK Family Travel Tours create family memories to last a lifetime. For over 10 years, Carrie & Jeremy, the founders of TWK Tours; have been producing the family travel guide TV show “Travel With Kids.” They have traveled with their children on journeys through Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Africa, Mexico, Fiji, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Italy, Greece & Ireland and many more countries.

Their love of real adventure travel and being immersed in other cultures began as kids. As young adults they quit their jobs and backpacked around the world for a year taking public buses, boats and trains. They stayed in small villages and experienced the world before smart phones, internet, GPS, and Skype. They had a map and a guidebook. They traveled from Beijing to Mexico. Starting in South East Asia, they continued through Mediterranean Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America to cross the border into Mexico on foot.

The experience was profound enough that it made a permanent imprint. They wanted more. With their two small children, they took a few less exotic trips, and found others asking many questions about how-to Travel with Kids. With backgrounds in media, they decided to put their expertise to work and started the “Travel With Kids” TV show.

Travel With Kids started with one DVD. Today their TV show is on PBS stations nationally, streaming online and airing in 30 markets overseas with over 75 half hour episodes and counting.

After receiving many questions about how to visit the destinations shown in the episodes, they decided it was time to create a way to bring you and your family to some of their favorite places on earth. To see, feel and experience the things they have. Their goal is to bring real travel experiences to you and your family. Their travel experiences allow you to interact with locals, stay in smaller hotels, and get first hand insight of the local history and culture. This exposure naturally creates experiences and memories that will last forever.

Travel With Kids Family Adventure Tours offers family group tours for everyone of all ages. Single parents, dual parents, and Grandparents are welcome too!

Contact them today to discuss one of their guided family group adventures, or individual travel plans for your family or group.

The Money Question

This is the main question they get, after “aren’t you afraid to travel in foreign countries” or “whats the worst thing that’s happened to you?”

In 1998 (no kids) they quit our jobs, put stuff in storage and left with a backpack and a few thousand dollars they’d saved up. They had a one way ticket to China. Eight months later they crossed the border on foot at the Nogales Arizona/Mexico border crossing. The journey was an adventure of a lifetime. It was life changing and taught them everything they know about international travel to exotic places.

They’ve packaged that knowledge along with years of travel with their own children filming Travel With Kids into a unique travel offering for families with children. They offer guided experiences that are designed for adults and children, from their vast travel and international experience. Rather than go the traditional vacation route of the commonly traveled vacation experience, you can take advantage of their unique travel offerings. Choose from a vast array of exotic locations that represent some of their favorite spots to visit and experience the culture, people and country in a way no other travel experience can offer you.

They do spend time in nice resorts and do go out for nice meals on our travels, but they are really about true travel experiences, that natually come when you are traveling like a local surrounded by locals. Kids playing street soccer with other kids while we have tacos near the beach at sunset. Riding an elephant in the jungle and stopping to buy a bag of fresh fruit off the trees while the locals prepare a traditional dinner by candelight. Rent a car and drive the coast stopping at Mayan Pyramids and pure beaches. TWK Family Adventure Tours are exactly what the name represents. Travel adventures that allow you to experience and immerse you and your family into another country and culture, while being guided through the process. No need to figure it out on your own, when you’ve got the experts of TWK Tours to show you the way. An amazing life changing experience awaits you. Contact them today to start planning your family trip of a lifetime.