1. Halong Bay – This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers hidden caves, tiny, rural villages where time seems to have stood still, beautiful beaches, soaring limestone formations, kayaking, biking and much more!
Local rowing boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam

2. Pho – Even the pickiest of eaters will love the king of Vietnamese cuisine: pho…after all you get to “have it your way” (to steal from a certain fast food chain). They bring the broth with main ingredients that you order and then lots and lots of veggies, herbs, spices and sauces for you to customize your order.

Pho dinner on family vacation in Vietnam

3. Eat, Pray, Love…family style. Ride bikes through rice verdant green rice paddies in rural areas of Vietnam meeting lots of locals along the way!

Seamus riding bike through rice paddies on family trip to Halong Bay, Vietnam

4. Vietnam War History – Gain interesting perspective on the Vietnam War through hands-on activities like exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the war. You can also visit the prison nicknamed the Hanoi Hilton where Senator John McCain was held during the war.

Nathan exploring Cu Chi Tunnels on family vacation in Vietnam

5. Cycle Rickshaws – Vietnam’s traffic can be a bit chaotic which is one of the reasons the cycle rickshaw is such a popular way to get around…Kids love winding through narrow roads and through markets of Vietnam as a passenger on the front of someone’s bike!

Seamus in rickshaw on family trip in Hanoi, Vietnam

6. Tropical fruits – Kids will love tasting all sorts of unique tropical fruits like dragon fruit, lychee, guava, papaya, and more in Vietnam.

Topical fruit in market in Vietnam

7. Mekong Delta – Kids will love exploring the water ways and learning about local life – visiting a floating market, family work shops where they make items like honey, candy, and more – along the Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Local women in boat in Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Rice paddy Vietnam